Today before this distinguished audience there is to be a performance of our 'Korean Tight-rope Walking', as it has been handed down through 1300 years. ? It is now more than twenty years since the art of Tight-rope Walking was designatedan Intangible Cultural Treasure, yet of all the traditional Korean folk-arts it is the most endangered. Master Kim Sang -bong, celebrated for having performed on the rope before the king 200 years ago, Master Ch'oi Sang-ch'on, Master Kim Yong-ch'ol who consi - dered me as another self, and Master Lee Dong-an, the last holder of the title of Treasurein our time : today I am to perform for this distin -uished audience, so grantme to perform well, and may the homes and families of everybody here be filledwith laughter and merriment.

* The Invocation before a Performance is presented to the God of Heaven and Earth with invocation of previous Masters of ...the Tightrope, praying for a good performance.

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Twenty years have passed since I first mounted onto the rope, a mere 8-year-old child ignorant of everything. More than ten years ago my teacher, Master Kim Yong-ch'ol, died, and since then my life has often been lonely and hard. I felt overwhelmed by the enormity of the task of preserving and maintaining the traditional form of Tight-rope performing all alone, without any master, bearing the burden of 1300 years.
In the midst of that sense of oppression, the only reason why I went on climbing onto the rope was the dream I had of a glorious revival of the great art, 1300 years old, of traditional Tight-rope Performing : it was once known as the 'finest flower of popular performing arts,' had been performed before kings, and had enjoyed the highest esteem of society in days gone by

People today seem unable to distinguish it from acrobatic and circus tight-rope acts, a sign that we are living in an age that is lost and confused about traditional culture as a whole. To enable Korean culture to stand proudly at the very heart of world culture in this new millennium, a new Age of Culture, to be able to set up my poles and walk my rope in celebration of the glorious revival of our tradition, I have prepared a repertoire for my own very special journey into the new millennium. All of us who are working for the preservation of traditional Tight-rope Performing in Korea invite you to accompany us on our journey.

* Kim Dae-Gyun Representing the Committee for the Preservation of Tight-rope Walking, Major Cultural Treasure No. 58